Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Voting rights bill H.R. 1

The Democrats’ voting rights bill is an assault on election integrity

The Washington Compost's op-eds are mostly leftist, but there are a few to the contrary. The above by Henry Olsen is one of them.

"The bill’s primary danger lies in its virtual abolition of any safeguards to ensure that a vote represents the true desire of a single, eligible voter. States would be effectively barred from mandating the use of a photo-ID to establish that a person is the registered voter they claim to be, instead permitting a prospective voter to merely sign a sworn affidavit. States would also be required to adopt same-day voter registration in federal elections, even during early voting, so that a person could show up at a poll, sign a registration form and cast a vote without any checks to ensure the person was actually eligible to vote."

The effect is an an open invitation to (what should be) fraud -- one person can vote many times using multiple identities. It's one thing for P1 to persuade P2 how to vote. P1 voting using P2's identity -- especially if P2 is unwilling to even make the effort to vote -- is very different. It a violation of the principle of one person - one vote. Too many Democrats don't care about this principle. Winning is the primary goal; how it's done matters far less.  

Joe Biden is using his bully-pulpit to push this agenda (link).

See the section titled "The Election Bills: HR 1, the Save Democracy Act, and the Carter/Baker Commission" here for more details about the content of HR 1.

Dem Duo Deem to Destroy Democracy

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