Sunday, March 7, 2021

Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities

The Weekly Dish: Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities

"The evidence is clear. But the woke refuse to accept it."

"The rationale for the SAT abolition movement is — surprise! — critical theory, which insists that any measurement that results in different outcomes among ethnic or racial groups is a priori racist. (Except for all cases when non-whites and non-Asians do better than whites or Asians, in which case, never mind.)"

"[This] argument is pure Ibram X. Kendi: the results are solely and exclusively what determines if a test is racist." Me: If there is any statistical disparity, it is due to somebody's "racism," whether or not that somebody admits it or even recognizes it as racist.

"There is no countering this argument because it is not an argument. It is a threat."

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