Friday, March 26, 2021

Bad news bias

 Bad News Bias by David Leonhardt of The New York Times  

Bruce Sacerdote, an economics professor at Dartmouth College, and two other researchers built a database of Covid coverage from every major network, CNN, Fox News, Politico, The New York Times and hundreds of other sources, in the U.S. and overseas. The researchers then analyzed it, classifying the coverage as positive, neutral or negative. 

"The coverage by U.S. publications with a national audience has been much more negative than coverage by any other source that the researchers analyzed, including scientific journals, major international publications and regional U.S. media."

"When Covid cases were rising in the U.S., the news coverage emphasized the increase. When cases were falling, the coverage instead focused on those places where cases were rising. And when vaccine research began showing positive results, the coverage downplayed it."

"About 87 percent of Covid coverage in national U.S. media last year was negative. The share was 51 percent in international media, 53 percent in U.S. regional media and 64 percent in scientific journals."

"Sacerdote is careful to emphasize that he does not think journalists usually report falsehoods. The issue is which facts they emphasize."

I credit Leonhardt for reporting on the study. It's still a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Leonhardt himself did some very negative reporting about Covid, President Trump, and the U.S.A. compared to other countries. I wrote about some of his reporting on this blog. 

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