Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bitcoin and Walmart

What happens when Walmart buys $1billion of bitcoin? 

On March 2 here I wrote about, or at least hinted, how a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin could make international transactions easier. Presently to buy goods from foreign sources, Walmart likely faces cross-currency transactions of many kinds -- Euro, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, India's rupee, etc. Imagine how much simpler it could be for Walmart if all these transactions could be done with only bitcoin, with the foreign trading partner pricing what it sells to Walmart in bitcoin rather than its local currency. That would greatly simplify matters for Walmart and probably require far fewer man-hours. 

Making transactions easier and simpler is not limited to current ("spot") transactions. Futures and options contracts are available for bitcoin. Walmart could use them to "lock in" prices for things it steadily buys or sells for weeks ahead of time. In other words, such contracts facilitate planning and reduce uncertainty.

Of course, the Bitcoin magazine article is speculative, not about how things are now. But if the speculative situation were to become real, it could be quite revolutionary.  

Addenda 4/1/2021Bianco Research CEO Says Next Reserve Currency Will Be a Cryptocurrency Can crypto actually take on the $US’s reserve currency role around the world?

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