Friday, January 22, 2021

Biden undoes Trump

Biden undoes some Trump reforms and plans more with Executive Orders. Biden’s transition team announced he would end three significant policies designed to protect America.

1. Travel Ban. The first is a reversal of the so-called “travel ban.” Signed in the early days of the Trump administration, the president banned people from several Muslin countries. At the time, Democrats labeled the policy as racist and discriminatory despite the fact that the vast majority of Muslim nations were unaffected by the executive order.

2. Southern Border. Biden said he wouldn’t end Trump’s southern border policies during the election. However, a new statement from the Biden transition team told thousands of migrants in Central America not to come to the US “at this time.”

3. Paris Climate Accord. The third Trump policy that Biden says he’ll undo is on climate change. On day one, Biden will sign an executive order that puts the United States back in the Paris Climate Accord initially signed by former President Obama in 2016.

These are only a few of the changes Biden plans to make in his administration’s early days. However, many more are being announced. Biden wants to undo the Trump tax cuts, be friendlier with Iran, China, and the United Nations organization like WHO, stop the Keystone XL pipeline, make college educations free and more. Biden is and will be the puppet of Progressives and other power-hungry statists.

Canada is the USA’s largest foreign energy supplier. That won’t change with the end of Keystone XL, but it does mean a lot of Canadian oil will have to be inefficiently moved in tanker trucks, causing unnecessary pollution for the sake of a political gesture. Biden's pandering to environmentalist will also cause the loss of 1,000s of well-paying jobs. What a jerk!

This might exaggerate, but the numbers are still significant.

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