Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Coronavirus – clinical trials #1

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the concept and use of clinical trials into the mainstream media. Searching the Internet for {coronavirus clinical trials news} or {coronavirus clinical trials method} or {clinical trials logic} yields many results about clinical trials underway, but very little about the logic behind such trials. For example, this web-page is about clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine. The title says “here’s what you need to know”, but none of it is about the logic behind such trials.

When I became aware of clinical trials, I supposed that such trials are an application of John Stuart Mill’s Method of Difference. Researching it very recently, I found this web-page which supports the supposition. Despite that, it doesn’t link the logic of clinical trials directly to the influence of John Stuart Mill himself. Another web-page addresses the direct influence of Mill, but such influence is sketchy.

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