Sunday, April 7, 2019

CBS News on Canada's climate change

I saw this CBS News video on Canada's warming faster than most of the Earth.

Asked what has caused Canada's climate to warm, meteorologist Jeff Berardelli replies: "For sure, it's us. Because fossil fuels that we are burning, releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are trapping like a blanket all of that heat. So there's no doubt about why it's happening."

He sounds cocksure, doesn't he? Did he not watch 60 Minutes -- on CBS, his own network -- only two days earlier? Did he watch it and miss the part about microbes mass-producing greenhouse gases or simply ignored it? He doesn't mention sunspots or clouds either. And where are all those greenhouse gas belching power plants, cars, and trucks in the vast areas within the Arctic Circle where so few human live?

Given he is so cocksure, I'd like to know about his carbon footprint. Does he practice what he preaches? Does he travel in cars and planes rather than walk or bicycle? Does his home rely on fossil fuels for heating, air-conditioning, and electricity? Or does he only love to tell others how they should live, or wants a coercive government to do so, and he himself refuses to abide by his own sermons?

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