Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Amazon HQ2 & HQ3 #1

According to several news stories Amazon is near announcing its new headquarters. That's two of them, not one as first announced. They are being called HQ2 and HQ3. HQ1, as I'll here call it, will remain in Seattle. HQ2 will be in Crystal City, VA very near Washington, D.C. and Reagan Airport. HQ3 will be in Queens, NY, near LaGuardia Airport but not far from JFK Airport. Some stories say HQ3 will be in Long Island City, which is not on Long Island but adjacent to Queens.

The following story compares real estate prices and more in the two new locations and Seattle.
How Amazon’s HQ2 and HQ3 locations compare with Seattle and the U.S. overall

I don't know how close HQ2 will be to the Crystal City Metro station, but I bet it will allow many to do a brief walk between them. Also, the Crystal City Metro station is only one stop away from the Reagan Airport Metro station (link).

Expected tax breaks for Amazon -- $573 million from Virginia and $1.525 billion from New York (link).

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